Google IO Extended (Colombo) 2016

It’s been almost two years since my last blog post. Few of my friends (Looking at you Ruwan Ranganath) started blogging again and gave me the urge to blog again.

After pointing my domain ( to our name servers and installing wordpress, I had this flashing thought of writing on medium rather than writing on my own domain. So here I start my Medium blogging journey.

I know this is a very late post. But ‘ol is Gold right ? So here’s my view on Google IO Extended (Colombo) 2016.

I have attended two IO’s previously. This is my third IO experience so far. First of all, there was a massive complain with this time selection process which they’ve published on Github. I can understand the frustration as a tech enthusiast myself who missed the first selection round.

GDG have used which is a Sri Lankan solution for event management. I understand that it’s perfectly fine and awesome to use a Sri Lankan solution but they should have increased their criteria and widen their selection process. Also forgot to mention, Dialog was the sole sponsor for GIO/CMB’16 event. So obviously there was marketing from Dialog ! How else you would expect them to cover up their expenses ?

I won’t talk about the selection process and the havoc that it lead to. But I’ve personally met few people who had no idea about the IO and just was there for the sake of “Free food” and “T-Shirt”.

So here’s what is my idea about the GIO/CMB’16 sessions

Yarl IT hub — Moving technology to “Jaffna”

If you’re on the tech radar like me, you have probably saw Yarl IT hub name somewhere. It’s a tech community who work hard to make Jaffna the next Sillicon valley. You can read about them here,

Making technology a living thing — Zone24x7

First of all, It was awesome. I barely had any idea about this concept even though few of my colleagues at work are working on something similar. So obviously I can drop few of my partially developed Android apps and move all my ideas into this one single concept.

Living organism will learn from what they experience and will evolve to par with those. Same concept can be applied with systems. We can build a system that utilize it’s resources to understand patterns and various preferences.

You can meet them using following link. Zone24x7 is a very innovative company who works on many research projects.

Hacking your growth — Alagan Mahalingam

I hope the name is correct. I’m pulling these things from my rough draft on evernote.

If you’re an entrepreneur, and a IT geek. Growth hacking is something you should learn and something that you’ve experienced every other day. For the session, he talked a lot about how companies used growth hacking techniques to conquer their customer world. And how to use effective pricing on your products. I will soon write something based on his session and my own learning. Keep in touch with my blog stream on medium guys.

APK on Diet — Kanwal from Singapore

So he’s from Singapore right ? I was barely awake when this session started because I was sleepless for about three days due to the flooding happened around our house. I had to seriously take a boat ride to get to the road. (That’s commitment guys)

Thanks to the coffee which was provided by Dialog and brought to me by Narthana, I was able to keep my lazy eyes open throughout this session.

When we develop systems, what we do is try out various things and later ship all of those junk with the final product. Don’t get me wrong. Many developers does this including me sometimes. So your APK gets huge and becomes clunky for the user. He explained how to develop smartly for your next billion users. (I honestly have no idea about the number of zeros for the billing)

Ideamart — Platform/API to build great things

There was a session conducted by a dialog employee which I missed catching his name. Sorry! Nevertheless, the session was stunning. He explained how people can use dialog Ideamart API’s to build mobile connected applications. You can find more about the Dialog Ideamart platform from the following link.

Welcome to the Ideamart developer family !

Fun and Stuff — Awesome

I should post some pictures. However, there were some major news like Nimesh ditching iPhone and switching to Sony. Narthana and his behavioral issues and so on. And Chathula Sampath Perera was also there. (You’re the only one who currently on medium) I will publish fun & stuff on my Sinhala blog with images so it won’t clutter with the post above.

Special thanking

Dialog was the sponsor for the 2016 event. So I must thank them for sponsoring this awesome event. Also thank you Google Developer Group Sri Lanka for organizing a such a wonderful event. And I cannot forget our beloved Shaf’. Thank you very much Shafraz, Malinda, Kasun and the all Ideamart team. We know that you’ve worked hard to made this event a successful and stunning one. It worked !