Grab your “Marketing Bucket” and listen to the Marketing ඉස්කෝලෙ

I agree that it has been a while since I’ve posted anything valuable on either on my blog or YouTube channel. After receiving lots of angry private messages on abandoning my Sinhala blog, I thought… meh. I should do something valuable again.

But my laziness never fails to amuse me and it prevented me from doing few of my bucket list projects and past few months were indeed on a darker road. I mean literally, there are no lights now on the nearby road of our home.

However, jokes aside. Here are the things that I’m currently working on and trying to complete before the end of this year. (Probably)

Pod-casting — Marketing ඉස්කෝලෙ

I’ve been meaning to start something podcasty and (Don’t hate me. I know it’s not a real word) was struggling to come up with a good idea for one. While I was discussing this with Thilina, he mentioned to me that he was also looking forward to starting a podcast.

Folks, that’s the birth of “Marketing ඉස්කෝලෙ” — A podcast mainly focuses on Freelancers and Entrepreneurs. People who like to learn and apply those in real life. People who like to take a risk with their strategies.

So hop on our daily podcast through Monday to Friday. Where Thilina & Myself will be discussing Marketing and stuff… Yeah.

A place to share subtitle freely

You may be already thinking that there are over 20–30 Sinhala subtitle websites in Sri Lanka. Why do we need another one?

Great question, I’ve been trying to come up with this open platform where subtitle creators could freely share their subtitles while giving the users a better and quality interface.

The project has been started and the public beta will be released as soon as I’ve finished my MVP. Technology stack I’m using for this project are PHP (because I will probably make the source open so there are tonnes of quality PHP devs in Sri Lanka who could help with the project) and MySQL on Nginx stack.

New startup to bring joy to Freelancers

This is indeed an interesting project that I’m currently working on. I cannot expose more information on the matter but this will help Sri Lanka based freelancers and entrepreneurs a lot.

Also, I will start blogging more often in the future. Till then, Hack and Build something awesome.