Reason why we ditched Python/Ruby for Go with our future products

For a long time, we have used Python or Ruby for our Products such as VPS control panel back-end, V builder and few other internal tools. But we’ve ditched Python/Ruby and selected Go as our future programming language and our Dev’s are busy learning this new language and re-building most of our tools in this new language.

In the following post I’m going to briefly explain why we ditched Python/Ruby and selected Go as our primary back-end language.

Google is backing Go…

Yes, Go language is built in mind to serve as Googles primary back-end language and they’ve implemented most of the cool features that us, cool kids like to use. And the community support is also at a very good level comparing to the age of this language.

Type beautifully or type nothing

Go lang is a unforgiving language. Since it compiles before running your everyday mill into production, we can identify some mistakes we do with the coding and that is a huge plus for us.

And how can I forget the gofmt the glorious butler who cleans our messy code. Not that I personally write messy code. But there are “People” who writes messy codes, right… I mean right ? Open your console and gofmt is here to save your messy code style.

Easy to adopt

Since Google employees over thousands they needed a much simpler language which is both faster and closer to everyone (I mean everyone right, even *BrainFuck* people)

Go language learning curve isn’t the easiest, but I’m pretty sure you can learn it in far less hours than BrainFuck or LolCode. And there are other helper tools in addition to gofmt